Dianabol: Stacked With Other Steroids

Dianabol can be stacked with several other steroids and in every stack it plays a big role when it comes to actual gains. Experienced steroid users will tell you that kick starting your cycle with this drug is the best way to use Dianabol. For those not familiar with kick starting, we will break it down for you. While used in a stack, other steroids need time to take effects, whereas Dianabol’s effects can start very quickly. By the time those other steroids start to work, you have already made some notable gains in both muscle and strength. In this case Dianabol is used between 4 and 8 weeks.

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Dianabol is also used widely for what is known as plateau busting. A lot of people who use steroids often hit a brick wall with workouts and gains so the body will become stagnant. This usually occurs towards the end of the steroid cycle and as a result, the body needs an extra push. By introducing Dianabol into the cycle at this time, it’s powerful effects and strength gains will ensure that the body continues to see results.


Some of the most common steroids stacked with Dianabol include; Testosterone, Trenbolone, Deca-Durabolin, Sustanon, Winstrol and Anavar. We have provided a few cycles below:

Dianabol + Winstrol Cycle

Week  Dianabol  Winstrol
   1   30-40mg ED   ———-
   2   30-40mg ED   ———-
   3   30-40mg ED   ———-
   4   30-40mg ED   ———-
   5   30-40mg ED   50mg ED
   6   30-40mg ED   50mg ED
   7   30-40mg ED   50mg ED
   8   30-40mg ED   50mg ED

The cycle above stacks; Dianabol with Winstrol, for a total of eight weeks. Both steroids used are orals and if you notice Dianabol is used first as a kick starter before introducing Winstrol to the cycle.

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A common cycle for those looking to pack on more size and strength stacks; Dianabol with Testosterone Enanthate and Deca-Durabolin. This cycle is a combination of oral and injectable steroids and lasts eight weeks. The injectable doses can be split equally and done on Monday and Thursday each week.

Dianabol + Testosterone Enanthate + Deca Durabolin Cycle

Week  Dianabol  Test Enanthate  Deca-Durabolin
   1   30-40mg ED   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   2   30-40mg ED   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   3   30-40mg ED   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   4   30-40mg ED   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   5   30-40mg ED   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   6   30-40mg ED   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   7   ————–   500mg per week   200-400mg per week
   8   ————–   500mg per week   200-400mg per week

Another bulking cycle that will produce strong muscle gains stacks; Dianabol with Trenbolone Acetate, Sustanon and Deca-Durabolin. This is outlined below. The length of this cycle can last from six to eight weeks and is for the more experienced steroid user. The injectable doses should be divided equally and administered twice per week.

Dianabol + Tren Ace + Sustanon + Deca cycle

Week  Dianabol  Tren Acetate  Sustanon  Deca-Durabolin
   1   50mg ED   300mg per week   500mg per week   400mg per week
   2   50mg ED   300mg per week   500mg per week   400mg per week
   3   50mg ED   300mg per week   500mg per week   400mg per week
   4   50mg ED   300mg per week   500mg per week   400mg per week
   5   50mg ED   300mg per week   500mg per week   400mg per week
   6   50mg ED   300mg per week   500mg per week   400mg per week

Benefits of Stacking Dianabol

When using Dianabol stacked with other Anabolic steroids, the effectiveness is enhanced greatly, more so than if someone simply doubled their use of the injectable. D-bol can be used with almost every other steroid, this makes Dianabol a very versatile steroid that will fit right into any cycle, whether you’re teaming it up with just one other steroid, or multiple steroids in a more advanced stack.

The benefits of Dianabol in a steroid cycle include an increase in mass (very rapidly), boost in power and strength, quicker recovery time, increase in endurance, promotes overall well-being and can maximize the potential of other steroids used in the cycle.

Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy or “PCT” is an essential process that people go through once they’ve finished a cycle of steroids. The objective is to get their body back to its normal state so it can start naturally producing hormones again. Once a run of steroids is over, a user will start their post-cycle therapy.

There are people out there who may suggest that Dianabol alone can be used without the need for a follow up PCT. However, PCT is essential to prevent long-term impairment of Testosterone production within the body. Without PCT, Testosterone levels may never return to normal and replacement therapy may be required permanently.

Some may start PCT as early as two or three days after their last pill or injection is taken (dependant on the esters used within the cycle). Start times are not set in stone and will vary from person to person depending on the length of the cycle and what steroids were taken at what dosages. Obviously, with a longer cycle, you’ll need a longer recovery period of PCT. Common PCT cycles after using Dianabol last between three to four weeks with the use of Clomid at 50mg per day.

For those who prefer Nolvadex over Clomid, we suggest taking 20mg per day for your post therapy cycle.

What to Expect from PCT

Don’t expect to hit the gym as viciously when you are off your steroid cycle and running post cycle therapy. Muscle gains will not be lost when you come off the cycle (if your PCT is done correctly). Individuals may feel tired or not so pumped up to workout but that is only natural. Keeping a positive mindset when running your post cycle therapy is essential. Remember, this is the time your body needs to regroup and recharge ready for the next steroid cycle. Time off allows both your body and mind to strategically create your next cycle, plan it out and crush your goals towards the body you have worked hard for.


Dianabol is a steroid that can really be a game changer when it comes to creating an awesome off-season or bulking cycle. Experienced steroid users know how to make the perfect cycle, that stacks Dianabol with other powerful compounds to gain muscle, size and strength, while keeping the water retention at a minimum. Check out Dianabol and what it has to offer. If you train hard, eat right and have the dedication, drive and discipline to keep your head in the game, cycling with Dianabol for six, eight or ten weeks, can provide dramatic results and change your physique. Only you have the power (and money) to achieve the goals and body you’ve always wanted. Steroid cycles are not going to do the work without your help, so make sure that there is a solid game plan written down and that you are keeping track of the cycle, as well as doses and how your body looks and feels.

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  1. Hey guys, what’s going on? Starting another cycle in a few weeks with D-bol, Deca and Test cypionate. I was going to run the tablets again but have a question first. If I run the injectable dianabol instead, will it work faster for me and can I stay on it longer?

    1. Hello. By using the injectable Dianabol in the cycle it will be less toxic to your liver but not by much. As for the injection form providing you with faster results, maybe but that mostly comes from how your diet and training is going. We understand you may think that running this form of it longer would be alright because in most cases injectable versions of steroids don’t hit the liver as hard. Not the case here. It’s still methylated and very liver toxic.

  2. Will you guys let me know a few other steroids to stack in cycle with d-bol? I want to build gain weight / mass and was thinking of stacking it with Winstrol and EQ.

    1. If you want to purely gain weight and mass, then drop the winstrol and equipoise. Stack your Dianabol with Deca and Sustanon-250. Going this route will be much more effective for what your trying to accomplish.

  3. I was running 300mg per week using Dianabol then 500mg of Test Enanthate I’ll be
    Cruising at 125mg per week since I have already met the muscle goal I am aiming for.
    Is this the correct transition in lowering my dosage?

    1. When I’m cruising on my Dianabol I don’t blast it with the same supplement, what I usually do is I used Testo C at 200mg cruising to 250mg. This way I can keep on track of which compound is more potent in my system.

  4. Can I combine two orals within a stack? Say for example, running both 25mg of Proviron and 20mg of Dianabol. Will this still give me good visible results?

    1. In my experience of running Dianabol, it works wonders when used alongside Testosterone. This combination gave me great results and changed my body for the better, although this was at a dosage of 10mg per day. For me personally, I would not run two orals in one cycle.

  5. Should I run Dianabol or Anadrol? Can’t make up my mind between Dianabol or Anadrol to start my next cycle. Is one more beneficial than the other? Who wants to fill me in on why they use Dbol or Anadrol to kick start their cycle?

    1. Really depends on the user buddy. For me, I like taking Dianabol instead of Anadrol. I notice better strength gains from Dianabol and less water bloat. Plus, Anadrol made me extremely tired and just overall blah. Thought I was getting sick but when I stopped the Anadrol my symptoms went away. Some people like Dbol better and some like Anadrol better. I will tell you that Dianabol raised my blood pressure a little but it wasn’t enough to stop using it. You can always keep both on hand and see which one you like better.

  6. As a beginner, what should I expect from a Dianabol cycle? This will be my very first Dianabol cycle. I am going to run Test Cypionate along with Dianabol and look forward to gaining some size. I workout regularly and my diet is pretty clean. Who wants to tell me what their experience with Dianabol has been for their first cycle?

    1. If your diet is clean then you should gain a little bit of mass depending on your dose and training routine. You might want to skip the D-bol though and just run a Test cycle if you are new to steroids. A lot of people end up not liking steroids because they don’t do enough research before their first cycle. Dianabol has the potential to add a lot of water weight. You might notice a difference in your strength when lifting but you won’t get crazy results from just one cycle. A lot of users run several cycles per year before they notice extreme gains.

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