Why is injectable Methandienone used in bodybuilding?

Due to the fact that injections of Methandienone contribute to an increase of muscle mass and endurance of the body, the steroid is actively used in bodybuilding. In addition, it was appointed to treat various diseases. Among them are:

  • Dwarfism;
  • Muscular dystrophy;
  • Severe fractures;
  • Recovery period after infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • Burns of varying degrees and localization;
  • Radiation therapy for cancer;
  • Delayed sexual development.

Currently, the steroid is widely used among athletes who want to improve their level of physical fitness. In 6 – 8 weeks, Methandienone is able to significantly increase muscle mass, increase strength and speed up protein metabolism. In bodybuilding, injectable Methandienone is extremely useful during the bulking phase in the off-season. This is when the athlete will pack on as much mass as possible before ripping up again. Bodybuilders will also use this compound to kickstart cycles and break through plateaus.

In addition to improvements in the physical form, the steroid has a rejuvenating effect. Methandienone helps to increase bone density, activates the process of fat loss and promotes the production of proteins. Many athletes also report that their joint feel better when using this steroid. This feeling of joint pain relief is due to the water retention that this steroid will cause. All of this favorably affects the overall condition of the body. But it is important to remember that to achieve this effect it is necessary to strictly follow the recommended dosages.

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